Singularity (Update: 05-28-08)
In this first LIVE Stranger Things update from Balticon 42, Earl Newton announces some amazing news for the show.

More to come.
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Peter says:

Thanks for the great show. People like you prove that great SciFi shows and short episodes can be produced and made by normal people with great ideas like you are.
I was always waiting and dreaming for such show, somewhat reminisce of the 60s and 80s twilight zone in a way but still new and intriguing. I can tell I loved all of the already released episodes and I am pretty much sure I would love the next one.
Choosing the Internet as a media to spread your work is the most generous and wonderful thing you can do. I, living in Eastern Europe, would have never seen it or even heard of it was not for the Internet.
I have and would recommend your show to every SciFi fan I know and meet in the future here in our small country and outside when I am travelling.
Once again thank you for the great work and congratulations for the TV airing.

Commented on Saturday, May 31, 2008 3:47 AM
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