About StrangerThings
Stranger Things is the first science-fiction anthology series shot in high definition and digitally syndicated through the Internet, predating even the larger-budgeted Sanctuary.

The science fiction of human experience.

Blending a mixture of science fiction, science fantasy, and horror, Stranger Things depicts a world of ordinary people stumbling into the secret lives of the unusual. The stories expose the bizarre and the extraordinary things happening all around us every day, hidden behind the veil of the "real world."

The series made its world debut on March 2nd, 2007, with almost 2000 subscribers; a record-breaking feat for any first-time podcast series.

"...Twilight Zone for the Internet generation."

On May 25, 2008, Stranger Things held the first annual "Singularity" event: an exclusive event for Stranger Things fans. Before a crowd of nearly 300 people, creator Earl Newton debuted the newest episode "Latchkeepers," and announced they had signed a deal to be distributed on-demand through the Illusion network.

In 2008 and 2009, Stranger Things was honored with the Parsec Award for Best Science Fiction Video Podcasting.

Thanks to excellent production values and powerful storytelling, combined with their fiercely supportive fan base, subscription numbers continue to grow. And to this day, not a single advertising dollar has been spent.
Earl Newton - Creator / Executive Producer
Earl Newton has won multiple awards for writing and directing. He was also rejected from film school three times. He is not sure which fact gives him more delight at present.

When not scheming about all Things Stranger, Earl Newton works as a director and editor for other people. He also blogs at his website (EarlNewton.com) about creativity, the film business, and the rare chances when those two meet.
David Kanter - Producer / Audiometrix
David Kanter is a classically-trained trumpeter and a world percussionist, specializing in Middle Eastern percussion. He has performed professionally, as a middle-eastern style percussionist, as well as a jazz trumpeter. When not bringing fans "the sound and the soul of Stranger Things," David continues to teach world percussion techniques and has expanded his musical ventures into the study of Ethnomusicology.
Cody P. Christian - Webmaster
A jack of all trades, Cody P. Christian has spent nearly a decade learning and working in web design and post-production. Besides his many projects (including assisting on Stranger Things), he owns and operates CPC Designs, a company specializing in innovative Web 2.0 design.